Testing for modern hardware teams.

Full stack testing infrastructure for DVT, PVT and in-line production. We provide connected test fixtures, software modules for easy setup, dashboards to make your data accessible and automate root-cause analysis.

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Don't build another product just to test your product.

Designing effective testing systems for your manufacturing line is vital but it’s also time consuming. The smallest mistakes can cause long delays. Don’t detour your engineering team for months and still miss out on features you need. We’ve deployed testing infrastructure for hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of units.

Instant quotes for your test fixtures.
Your product is custom, some parts of the jig need to be too. We’ve automated builds for most fixtures so you get quotes instantly and receive your systems ASAP.
Full support during production.
We're here to help with setup when you need. Something broke during production? We have spares to ship you straight away.
See throughput and test data live.
Our systems organize and push all the data for each test to a server so you can monitor your manufacturing easily. Make accurate and timely decisions about supply chain management or process faults from our cloud dashboards.
Catch production issues quickly.
We use ML on your test data beyond just pass and fail so the system can predict failures before you see them. If you see in-field support tickets for your product, you can automatically track them down to relevant test data and nail the problem quicker than you thought possible.

Never worry about testing again.

We created Linefox because we found ourselves spending months performing endless engineering tasks to build reliable, scalable and trackable testing infrastructure. All this while we were already constrained by tight manufacturing deadlines.
Upload your files and define your tests.

Use our online GUI to select your test point connections and assign a set of test functions to perform on them. We provide you with some walkthroughs on how to choose your tests and pass/fail conditions. You can also define your own custom hardware and/or software modules to connect if our library doesn’t yet offer what you need for that test point.

Select supplementary features.

We offer a range of options that you need to keep your production in check: in fixture QR code engraving and scanning, high quality photo capture of each board with ML analytics, buzzers for pass confirmation, color sensors for LED output verification and many more.

Order your fixtures.

Our system automatically generates the design files for the custom parts of your Functional Circuit Test fixture and gives you a cost and delivery time to manufacture. You can reuse the modules from your previous iteration of the jig and only replace what you need to.

Ready to go!

We ship your fixtures straight to you or your manufacturer so you can verify everything right away. Then it sits in your workshop or on your production line silently recording everything you need to know about every single unit. You receive configurable alerts to your phone or email about predictions of problems or spikes in failures. You can also review images, waveforms and videos of assembly procedures for each subassembly in your dashboard.

Linefox offers flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing plans that scale with your production volumes. Contact us to learn more.

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Don't waste valuable engineering resources on testing infrastructure. We've done the NRE so you don't have to.

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